Nalco, since its creation in 2001 has steadily grown from a single truck and service vehicle to its current capacity. The past Thirteen years have seen the company become one of the top four earthmoving and general construction companies in Djibouti. Nalco is the single owner of all its trucks and heavy equipment and unlike other local companies does not need to subcontract work out to other firm. From the earthmoving phase, Nalco entered the construction market and has carried out various construction and maintenance projects including warehouses, office buildings, bridge construction which is currently underway. As part of Nalco’s expansion, a joint venture on a project basis is in its implementation phase, to allow Nalco to bid and execute large scale general construction projects. Nalco has also increased its technical base to serve clients with other forms of contract services such as general maintenance, purchasing solutions.

Achievements and Investments

Due to the variety of projects undertaken, Nalco has the experience and qualified staff to provide construction services that can span all aspects of construction. From the construction of an apartment complex to the construction of office buildings and warehousing, military soft camps, and new bridge construction. Nalco has positioned itself to provide experience from local and international resources. Nalco’s rapid growth achievements is having one of the largest heavy equipment operation in Djibouti. More new equipment is scheduled for purchase in 2014-2015.

Organization and Human resources

NALCO is a well-structured and adequately staffed organization capable of handling a number of projects simultaneously. We have used the combined knowledge and experience of personnel, from directors to skilled workers, for consistent quality project delivery. Our qualified, well-trained and committed workforce also enables us to adhere Project schedules, even under adverse circumstances.

Our Abilities and Values - Workshops and Services

To be able to provide a self-sufficient team, Nalco established his own design team consisting of Professional Architect, Engineer, Surveyor, QA/QC, Structural Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Master Plumber to assist in the preparation of our Design Build Projects, Project Documentations and supervision of projects. NALCO, will support each efforts on any upcoming U.S. military Africom projects, at Camp Lemonier and throughout Eastern Africa, as well as the private sector of opportunities.

Organizational Values

The Company’s senior management and its employees have solidified close working and social relationships allowing for a working environment of mutual respect, dedication, and above all the commitment to make a difference. To be able to provide a self sufficient team, Nalco established in house design team with engineers, surveyors and draftsmen to assist in preparation and in the supervision of construction projects. We are a serious and dedicated company and we strive to go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations in our service delivery here in Djibouti. Two years ago Nalco developed a sister company name Comisa logistic. The company main rim of services in providing staffing, and supply chain services directly to the U.S. military different branches. In 2010 we obtain various contracts with the CCO, and the Navy in providing highly skilled local staffing work force. Our performance record has been outstanding with each of our customer base. We look forward in the coming months to direct our aim on a few other staffing contracts that will be solicited out by the military. Comisa logistics , a main goals is to provide excellent staffing services, and a dependable, good price logistics supply services for our customer base.


The achievements of a company have been made possible by the dedicated efforts of executives and qualified personnel. We at NALCO are working towards continuing success with the help of a committed leadership and highly motivated workforce by enduring close relationships with clients and alliance partners. The Company is increasing its manpower in all levels of responsibility and professional practice pertaining to construction work. This has created a relaxed and easy handling of a number of significant projects at a time. Nalco Construction have its own gravel crushing processing plant, located in PK12. The plant has been fully operational since July 30th, 2011. We provide different sizes of gravel for sale on the open market. Our prices will be a bit lower than the other vendor market prices. Nalco’s crushing unit is a (mobile unit) able to move about from various location to another. Which helps with the processing production rate, in order to increase larger volumes of product for sale.

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